Success Stories from Heart of Texas Dog Training

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I cannot speak more highly of this training service. My dog, Birdie, has struggled with aggression towards other dogs and male humans to the point where I was anxious, stressed and embarrassed whenever I walked her. Gilly has gone above and beyond to work with my crazy schedule and all of Birdie’s training needs. While the price seems daunting at first, I can assure you that it is an incredible investment that you will be thankful for for years to come. In addition to one-on-one training sessions at my home, Gilly has organized close encounter sessions and walks with other dogs which provide a controlled and safe learning opportunity not only for the dogs but for the owners to feel supported and not embarrassed. All I can say is that I wish I had started this service sooner and I have repeatedly recommended Gilly and Heart of Texas Dog Training to every dog owner I know.

Charlotte C.

Brian is absolutely amazing! He has been dedicated to helping my German Shepherd puppy and me. He has been incredibly helpful in training my puppy to listen more, staying focused on me when I’m at the end of the leash, reactivity to other dogs when outside, and her separation anxiety. She has improved a lot. Brian explains things very well in how he wants to train as well as why his training methods are optimal for you and your dog. Each lesson is greater than the last one. Everything you learn can be applied to future dogs because of how detailed the training is and the knowledge they give you. Brian is always open to any questions I have and I can’t thank him enough for all the help he has given me.

Meaghan H.

Had our first party since completing our Training and our aggressive dog did amazing!!! We loved heart of Texas dog training. It gave us the knowledge to not only work with our dogs but be able to train future dogs as well!! 
When we first started our aggressive dog had a set back and we called and our trainer came to our house that week to help us past that bump in the road. They are helpful and caring people. We get to keep our aggressive dog because of them and I am so thankful for that!

Elizabeth P.

We have a mini Australian Shepherd with a lot of energy and anxiety. We decided we needed to get him in a training program when he nipped at someone out of fear when he was about 1 year old. He also had poor manners and would jump all over guests and did not listen to commands. Since doing training with Brian he has come such a long way! He listens so well that we are even able to take him for walks off-leash. He has more confidence and much better manners.

Brian is always willing to answer questions and really takes the time to form a relationship with you and your dog. Our dog is always excited to see him. We are so grateful for his help in turning our hyper pup into such a great family dog.

Aubry V.

Recently, we decided to move to a large European city and desperately needed help. Our Boxers, ages 10 and 2, have always been suburban dogs with a large yard. We wanted to take them with us but felt anxious about them adapting to such a drastic change. We didn’t feel ready to take on the challenge of apartment living and walking the dogs on busy sidewalks or in city parks – though leaving them in the US was never an option. We had heard wonderful things about Heart of Texas Dog Training and decided to contact them.

Brian began working with us, and despite the fact that we only had 6 weeks before the move, he made time for us and focused the training on the conditions in which the dogs would be living. He worked with my husband and me as much as the dogs – since we hadn’t really been acting as pack leaders. He provided us with an excellent training manual (excellent writing), and helped us make it through boot camp on time. He was always available via phone or text and was patient and kind.

I worked with a trainer years ago in a different state with a different dog, and this training experience is light years beyond that one. I cannot recommend Heart of Texas Dog Training (and Brian) strongly enough.

Leigh H.

Gilly is amazing and so patient! We called her to help us work with our German Shepherd, Sconnie, because we had concerns about her interacting with kids. Gilly helped guide us through boot camp and probably helped train us more than anything. Lol I’m happy to report that my 3-yr old niece can play and walk Sconnie. She doesn’t pull on the leash and is very sweet and gentle. I have recommended Gilly to as many people as I can. She’s an amazing person and is a fabulous trainer.

Terri K.

Brian trained our two lab puppies, Beauregard and Baloo, last year when they were only 6 and 4 months old and he had them doing basic commands on day one! It was amazing! Our pups were acting completely differently when Brian left and others noticed the difference immediately. Brian also gives you, as the owners, the tools to train when he is not around so you can put in the work and better your puppers progress which we enjoyed and we still use today when our boys need a refreshers course!! Use Brian and Heart of Texas Dog Training and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Casey S.

Brian is very patient and helpful with our 2 pitties Sarah and Diamond. Very knowledgeable. Just started a month ago and already seeing a change in the dogs. Not only is he helping training the dogs but giving my husband and I the tools to work with them when he is not around!

Kimberly T.

We cannot say thank-you enough for the wonderful training we (and our dog) received from Gilly. My husband and I knew going into it that we were going to be trained as much if not more than Foster.  

At our first meeting with Gilly, it was so obvious we had lost the order in our home. Thanks to Gilly’s guidance and wisdom, Foster now knows his place in the family, and he no longer tries to be the center of attention using negative behavior.

Gilly is a wise and patient teacher of humans and dogs!  She truly loves what she does and it was evident every time we met with her.

The tools we learned work when we work them!  I still have my weak moments; I’m working on it!  It’s comforting to know Gilly is there if we need to reach out for help in the future.

I highly recommend Heart of Texas!

Candace C.