“Help, my dog is too hyper!”

As dog trainers in Dallas / Fort Worth, we hear this quite often and the good news is that change is possible! You don’t have to live with a hyperactive dog forever.

Rarely is a dog labeled “hyperactive” actually so. Typically, we find that hyper dogs are actually anxious dogs. That’s why the common recommendations for addressing a hyperactive dog don’t provide any long term results.

If you search the internet for information on dealing with a hyperactive dog, you’ll find suggestions on how to keep the dog busy while you’re away (puzzles, game-oriented toys, etc.) and suggestions on how to get the dog more exercise. This advice may help a little, but it’s not going to fix the problem. If you’re reading this webpage, you’ve probably already found that out for yourself!

Where Does Hyperacivity Stem From?

The truth is, anxiety is at the root of most hyperactivity problems. Dogs like to know what to do with themselves – some more than others, and they get anxious when they aren’t sure what to do. We’ve all heard the phrase “a dog needs a job” right? Well, a dog who craves a job and doesn’t have one will often invent his own jobs, and rarely are they jobs we’re pleased with! Living room parkour, barking and jumping like mad anytime a living being passes by the front window, endless games of fetch – all of these behaviors could be “jobs” that your dog has assigned himself.

Hyperactivity can be corrected

We can teach you how to take a proactive approach to changing your dog’s hyperactive behavior. Instead of keeping him busy and exercising him ’til he drops, we’ll give your dog tasks to focus on. We’ll “give him a job,” and we’ll teach you how to take the initiative to assign him a job instead of leaving it up to him to create one.

This is all done within the context of our behavior training programs, which are designed to resolve any and all behavior issues while we’re teaching your dog a new, calmer way of life.

Give us a call at 817.580.7293 or email me to learn how you can get started today!

Remember, change is possible!


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