Cribs and Canines

Dog Training for New Parents in the DFW Area!

A lot of our clients are dog owners who are also parents, or are looking to be parents in the near future. Like owning a dog, being a parent is an ENORMOUS responsibility. So how does one make sure that being a dog owner and parent will work out, where both dog and baby can live together peacefully, with no troubling incidents?

This is why the Cribs and Canines training program was established – to guide owners/parents into creating a consistent structure that their dog can succeed in, both before and after the baby arrives. Through this, our Dallas and Fort Worth dog trainers will also build a solid foundation for the dog so that when the baby comes, the transition to the inevitable new changes goes swimmingly, where no anxiety or aggression comes into play.

Our trainers will still follow their incomparable reward-based training techniques, but will customize it to suit your needs, family, lifestyles, and training goals. Cribs and Canines will teach your dog how to be happy with the idea of a new baby in the home, before little Junior is even born!

The basic obedience and manners (ie: no jumping, aggressive play, nipping, etc) will be covered, instilling reliable recall from your dog, and also sharpening the trust and respect among all family members. Additionally, to help prepare the dog, our trainers will expose and desensitize the dog to very specific experiences (ie: walking well next to the stroller, behaving when the baby is being held or crawling around the house, etc). Every moment is a trainable moment where our trainers will set you and your family up for success!

Get Started Today!

For dog owners who are also current parents, you are also welcome to sign up for the Cribs and Canines program. If your dog is presently showing poor behavior toward or around your baby, don’t wait! Call us at 817.580.7293. We’ll start at once so that you and your family can bring in your new baby with pure comfort and happiness!