Why Do We Recommend In-Home Training? – Dallas Dog Trainer Blog

If you are in the market shopping around for different dog training programs, I’m sure you came across group classes and board and train. Although these two training programs are amongst the most popular, they do not have as high of a success rate as in-home training. While working with a dog trainer in Charlotte, we talked about how dogs can be very similar to children; they may misbehave at home and act like an angel in public. In-home training addresses the issues where they are happening and gets to the root of the undesirable behavior. Training in the home, the dog’s natural environment, increases the dog’s focus and comfortability which ultimately increases your dog’s success rate.

Our Dallas Dog Trainer always recommends in-home training!

We work with ALL members of the family!

There are many professionals who swear by group training classes and board and train programs. While these programs may work great for some, there are many others who are not successful with this one-size-fits-all method of training. Dogs learn at different paces, meaning some dogs may need more time to master a concept or command while others require less time. Our in-home training provides a training plan that is tailored to your dog and their specific behavioral issues. We are committed to working with you and your dog until your dog has reached all of his/her training goals; no matter how long that takes!

In-home training differs from other training programs because it is a one-time resolution to addressing all your dog’s needs without having to constantly dish out money to training programs that only yield temporary results. With our in-home training program we will not only work with your dog, but we will also teach you as the owner the necessary skills and techniques to have a rewarding relationship with your canine companion. In-home training is very beneficial when it comes to building the dog and owner bond. Not only will you as the owner learn how to effectively give commands, but we teach you how to establish and maintain the leadership role in your home.

Heart of Texas Dog Training is ready to help you build a long-lasting strong relationship with your beloved dog. Please call us today to schedule your in-home consultation at 800.649.7297!