Why Do Dogs Fight?

When analyzed, all aggressive dogs  face a stimulus that results in the unfavorable behavior of aggression. For some, that stimulus can be other dogs. Signs of aggression could include, but are not limited to growling, snapping or the obvious “fighting”. These examples will be seen towards another dog within your own home (known as sibling aggression), and/ or dogs passing by your window, at the dog park or during walks.  If your dog begins to show signs of aggression it should be addressed immediately!

dogs being trained not to fightDog on dog aggression or “dog fights” most commonly stem from two instincts in dogs. These instincts can be categorized into: the will to be dominate and fear. If you own multiple dogs, and one dog demonstrates aggression towards one of your other dogs, they are most likely trying to be dominant. The dog exhibiting dominant behavior wants to be seen as the leader of the pack and aggression is an effective way for them to establish themselves. However, if the trigger is a strange dog walking by or at the park, your dog could be trying to show dominance, or it may feel threatened for its safety or the safety of his home/family (which he would view as pack mates).

Although this aggression may never be meant to hurt people or the other dog, unfortunately it often does. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of stories of owners or children getting injured because they were trying to break up the fight between dogs or were simply in the way of the attacking dog. A dog showing signs of dog aggression often escalates into something more serious and more dangerous. Take the stress out of the equation by enrolling your dog in my in-home training program.

How does The Heart of Texas Dog Training stop dogs from fighting?

Dogs with aggressive tendencies need their owner to take control of the leadership position and take the option of being the leader of the pack away from their dog. This allows the dog to be more relaxed, less reactive, less fearful and more responsive to the owner’s boundaries and commands. I have had years of experience solving dogs with aggression and numerous success stories involving all levels of severity of aggression. Don’t waste any more time, become a leader!

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