Fort Worth Dog Training Blog – Why we train all the dogs in the household!

You may have more than one dog, but only one of them seems to have any real behavioral issues. It would seem logical to just focus on training the dog with problems but what you may not realize is that dogs that live together often have behaviors that are tied to one another. For example, your dog’s aggression may be a reaction to another dog in the house who can’t respect boundaries. It’s important to train all of the dogs in a household because it’s almost always not just the “problem dog” that needs training, the whole house needs to be reorganized and redirected into a scenario where you are the pack leader and all of the dogs in your house respond equally to you.

Fort Worth dog training programs that get results!!You can train the one dog for behavioral problems but the others, unless trained, will allow them to fall into old habits. Another reason to train all of the dogs at once is to restore order in your house. The dog with more behavioral issues may be the alpha of the house, removing them from that position could cause an upheaval in the order that the dogs are used to. This can actually lead to your other dogs developing behavioral issues because of the anxiety that comes when a dog no longer knows its place in the hierarchy. You also may not be able to notice your other dogs’ behavioral issues because the more severe dog has taken your attention from them.

We offer in-home training for multi-dog households and always suggest that the whole group be trained. When we visit your home for a consultation we’ll get a feel for the dynamics in the house and then create a customized training plan for you. When you implement one set of rules for all of the dogs you create a stability and consistency that is essential to a dog’s mental health. The stress the “problem dog” has caused on the others will be alleviated, and so will the stress that the other dogs have put on it.

If you have a pack of pooches that need to be redirected and set on the right path give us a call, 800.649.7297, or email us using this contact form. A house full of dogs doesn’t have to be a house full of stress. We can help you attain your dream of having a harmonious pack of your own. Call our Fort Worth dog trainer today!