Don’t Wait to Train…Start ASAP! – Dog Trainer Fort Worth Blog

I believe whenever a person adopts a dog, one of the first things they should do after getting checked out at the vet, buying all their food and toys, and getting them acclimated to the home, is getting the dog trained. I don’t say this just because canine behavior training is my profession, but it helps prevent potential problems from forming for the dog and owner.

Dog Trainer Fort Worth Blog....start training now, don't wait for problems to develop!Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, training will allow your dog to learn how to live their new life with you and in your home. It shows the dogs your expectations and actually creates a stronger bond between dog and owner.

Even if your new dog seems perfectly fine, it is still a good idea to work on basic obedience that focuses on commands, manners, and general behavior in and outside the home. This will help your dog understand what they need to do in different situations, among a variety of environments and distractions. This could help stop any issues from developing, and then you’re not dealing with more severe behavior problems.

Of course, if your dog is already exhibiting serious problematic behaviors, don’t wait around! Many people think that dogs will get over their bad behaviors, but they can’t without your consistent training and guidance! Not doing anything with a bad behavior can actually be reinforcing the bad behavior, and could lead to it escalating even more!

Training is about behavior and mental health (and in many cases, involves the dog’s physical well-being), and should be seen as a top priority for all dog owners. Start early and get your dog set up for success with any problems forming or escalating. If you’re already struggling with your dog’s behavioral issues, call me at 800.649.7297 and we’ll set up a training plan that addresses all you and your dog’s needs! Don’t wait for it to get worse, start ASAP!