Meet our Dallas-Fort Worth Dog Trainers

Gillian Snyder – Dallas Dog Trainer

My name is Gillian Snyder (Gilly to my friends) and I am a dog lover. My background is in customer service: restaurants, casinos, etc.. I love meeting new people, and if they have a dog in their family we start with something in common and always have something to talk about which is why I decided to pursue a career in dog training.

 My happy place is anywhere a wagging tail is there to greet me, whether it be my own four-legged door greeter or a strangers on a random patio who soon learns that I love puppy kisses and will gladly be covered in hair and slobber than to never have gone over to say hi.

I grew up around lots of different animals, from dogs and goats to ducks, chickens, rabbits, etc.. and loved them all. But, my favorites were my dogs. We always had family dogs and always more than one at any given time. I loved to train them to do basic things like sit, stay, come, fetch, shake.. you get the idea. But, when I first was given a dog of my own, I learned the bond and emotion that comes with true canine companionship. From walks in the woods to curling up for naps together, we were inseparable and she was my best friend.  I have never been without a dog of my own since and foster troubled dogs when I can.

Having the opportunity to help dogs through Heart of Texas Dog Training is a dream come true. It is something I am passionate about and I love being able to make a difference in the lives of dog families all around the Dallas area. Through the Canine Trade Group Professional Dog Trainer’s course I learned how to handle and effectively address all forms of behavioral issues. I specialize in dealing with the tough to fix cases such as human aggression, dog aggression, anxiety and more. 

I’m a Michigan native transplanted to Texas, although I will always be a Michigander I think I was born to be a Texan.  The people are incredibly nice and most of the ones I’ve met judge a place (restaurant) on the size of the patio and if they can bring their dogs (my kind of people!!). 

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Brian Ponder – Fort Worth Dog Trainer

Brian Ponder was born and raised in Fort Worth. Some of his fondest memories growing up was spending time with his family pets. He had a German Shepherd that would walk him to the bus stop and go home when he got on. (and would be waiting for him when he got back!). For Brian, there always seemed to be a deep connection between him and dogs. In his free time, he would train his dogs to do different tricks that would impress family and friends.

Brian graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Political Science and Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University in Alabama. After years of working as a stock broker and day trader, Brian realized he was ready to pursue a new career in an area that he found more rewarding. Since he had always enjoyed teaching and talking to people about dog behavior, it seemed like a natural progression to become a professional dog trainer. Brian enrolled in the Training and Behavior Specialist program at the prestigious Starmark Academy in Hutto, TX. He was immersed in a world of dogs with hands-on training in everything, from obedience and behavior modification to nose work and agility. Brian has trained many dogs for the Canine Good Citizen certification including his own. He is working on being a CGC instructor and enjoys doing service dog work, as well as agility with his own dogs.

Brian decided to join the trainers at Canine Trade Group for additional support and to create a business partnership with a nationally recognized training network. Brian graduated the rigorous trainer’s course that Canine Trade Group offered, and he became certified to at Heart of Texas Dog Training. Brian continues to expand his dog training education, working with other professional trainers, veterinarians, and behaviorists through Canine Trade Group.

Kristen Flora – Fort Worth Dog Trainer

Kristen Flora was born and raised in New Jersey. From a young age Kristen loved animals. Her family always knew she would grow up to be involved with animals in some way. She was always rescuing and caring for all sorts of different pets.  Kristen has always had a passion for all animals and has spent her life dedicated to them. While Kristen has owned everything from rats to horses, dogs have always been her favorite. Her first dog, Frankie, is a Pug that was rescued from a pet store.  Since then her canine family has included 4 other dogs; Layla, Hera, Jaxx and Theo.  

She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Biotechnology and Conservation.  She also has an Associates degree as a Veterinary Technician and has worked as a Vet Tech for ten years. Kristen recently became involved in dog rescue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  She has saved, fostered, and found forever homes for 5 dogs in the past year. 

Kristen’s training career started when she began working with and training primates. Since then animal behavior has become a huge passion for her which led her to Heart of Texas Dog Training and Canine Trade Group.  Through Canine Trade Group Kristen was able to complete a professional dog trainers course in Washington D.C. where she trained a rescue puppy named Ryker, and several other dogs.  She is certified to help address all behavioral issues, including aggression. She is very excited to start this new journey in her life. 

Animals, behavior, and training have always been her passions and through Heart of Texas Dog Training and Canine Trade Group she will now be able to share it with the world. 


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